Friday, June 7, 2013

A Break for Rafting - Barbara

We woke up in the Nile River Exploration Camp to the sounds of monkeys in the trees above us. Walking out of the tents the breathtaking view of the Nile was indescribable. As we started getting ready for our white water adventure the nerves were starting to creep up on us. Some of us were ready to go hard and wild down the rapids, while others were terrified of water. Yet we all got on the truck and headed to training. After a quick introduction to what lay head, five rapids level four and five in about three hours, we grabbed breakfast to-go featuring a fruit cup and eggs wrapped in chipati, and headed to the rapids. The most terrifying part of the day was the safety warning before we jumped into the water. The lead guide, Brian, told us of the horrors of the Nile and possibilities of injury. Though we were alarmed, our boat was more than ready for the challenge.
Tom and Ricky were lead paddlers on our raft backed up by myself, Katelyn, Diane, and Molly. Our guide Peter laughed with and occasionally at us, keeping the mood light. As he guided us to the first flat pool, he showed us what to do if we were to fall out of the boat or it was to flip over (which he made clear was more than likely).
We then headed down the Nile zipping through rapids and practically flipping over our boat at ever turn. Our boats tendency to flip over gained us the nickname Swim Team.
At lunch they cut fresh pineapple for everyone right on the river. The fresh tasty fruit was a perfect break in-between the strenuous rapids. It was so good that Ricky and Tom almost ate a whole pineapple each! My favorite part of the day was the end of the last rapid, The Nile Special so famous they named a beer after it, we jumped out of the boat and floated down the river taking in the moment.
At the end of the rapids Reginah, who elected not to join us, excitedly greeted us at the end. We then all enjoyed an outdoor cookout with everyone who survived the Nile. After being completely drained of energy we were all excited to get back to camp. Upon arrival, we promptly got a late dinner at the local eating establishment. Here we meet locals and travelers. It was great to talk to individuals working on various service projects or adventures throughout Africa.

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